About Us

The Robson Financial Group provides innovative solutions to complex financial matters covering a multitude of areas and industries, both private and public. These include principal trading, equity and debt raising, go-public transactions, mergers and acquisitions and venture capital as a facilitator and principal investor. Industry focus includes life sciences, technology, real estate, energy, infrastructure, financial services, viticulture, agriculture and consumer finance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place, and to have a deep and lasting impact on those with whom we work. We strive to invest in founders of movements and products that capture the imagination.

Our approach

Quite simply we believe there is a better way. The capital markets process is broken and ready for change. Our innovative partnerships and alliances with venture capital, merchant banking, private equity, fund platforms and advisory groups offers us the unique ability to add significant value to a transaction by aligning the interests of all parties involved. This allows the “Founders of Movements” to accelerate the business plan to achieve their corporate vision.


Robson Private Equity blends the depth of large fund experience with the flexibility of a family office. We offer a broad array of capital alternatives including traditional equity and debt structures—as well as strategic, operational and financial support to its management partners.

Investment Criteria
  • (EBITDA) of $2 million and up
  • Businesses with a consistent track record
  • Exceptional management teams
  • Management Buyouts & Business Acquisitions
  • Canadian Opportunities with a emphasis on Western Canada
  • Industry agnostic

Completing successful transactions requires proper strategy and effective structuring, execution and post-deal management. Our Corporate Finance practice delivers independent and creative financing solutions to companies across a range of industries.

With our financial expertise and vast network of capital, domestic and worldwide, private and public, we source and raise capital, both debt and equity, whenever and wherever it’s needed with a focus on optimizing the capital structure of the company so that it can fulfill its corporate objectives with the long-term view of building equity for all stakeholders

  • Corporate & Capital Markets Strategy
  • Capital Structure – Financial Engineering
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments
  • Management Buyouts & Business Acquisitions
  • Strategic Alliances & Joint Ventures
  • Go Public Strategies
  • Senior Debt
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Specialty Situation Capital
  • Non-traditional Capital

HCM Ventures is a Venture Capital Corporation (VCC) registered under the “Small Business Venture Capital Act” of British Columbia and  “Investing in a Diversified Alberta Economy Act” of Alberta. The Acts were established to encourage equity investment in eligible small businesses in British Columbia and Alberta by providing a 30% refundable tax credit to investors who purchase shares in registered VCC’s such as HCM Ventures. HCM then uses the capital raised to make equity investments in qualifying eligible business corporations (EBC).

Investment Philosophy

As founders, operators and investors, we approach every new project asking ourselves a couple of key questions? Is the technology significant or disruptive? Is it a ‘must-have’ product or superior service? Is there an outstanding management team? Do we believe in the corporate vision?

But most importantly, can we ask ourselves, can we add value? If we can’t clearly see all the ways we can accelerate and expand upon the business plan we won’t get involved. We are looking for projects and partners that we can truly get excited about, because we know that without passion there is no success.


The HCM family of funds offer retail, private client and institutional investors an array of high-yield private investment opportunities in real estate, senior care, private equity, specialty debt and venture capital. We are committed to preserve wealth and generate attractive returns from a more favorable position in the capital stack.

HCM Specialty Mortgage Fund
  • Income
  • High-Yield 1st & 2nd Mortgages
  • Secured Real Estate of Operating Business
HCM Real Estate Fund
  • Income - Growth
  • Multi-Family, Retail, Industrial & Office
  • High Yield Cashflow & Equity
HCM Mezz Debt/Equity Fund
  • Income - Growth
  • Mid-Market Buyouts $50M - $500M
  • High Yield Cashflow & Equity
HCM Senior Care Fund
  • Income - Growth
  • Mature Operating Senior Care Homes
  • High-Yield  Cashflow & Equity
HCM Venture Capital Fund
  • Tax – Income- Growth
  • Up to 80% in Tax Credits
  • Diversified Portfolio
HCM Tech Fund
  • Income- Growth
  • Late Stage High Growth
  • Diversified Portfolio
HIGH NET WORTH - Institutional - family office

HCM Asset Management services are available to institutional investors. Some of our institutional clients include: foundations, family offices, fund-of-funds and investment advisory firms. We would be pleased to speak with you directly to discuss how our products and services could best provide you with an investment solution.

about Us

Robson Advisory was founded on the philosophy that successful business owners and professionals deserve tailored solutions that serve them as a shareholder, an employee, and a family member. The Robson Advisory Group delivers a unique process, which integrates all aspects of one’s business and personal affairs.

Our approach

Our People work with business owners as their corporate structure specialists. Our objective, through implementation of efficient corporate structures, is to minimize tax leakage while maximizing shareholder wealth.

For professionals and key executives, the process integrates tax planning, wealth accumulation, and estate planning to meet their individual goals and objectives.

Our belief in aligning your goals with our strategies is one of our core principles that allows us to help you discover, define, and develop your short, mid, and long term goals–while ensuring that your financial strategies conform every step of the way.

Glen Vause
CEO Robson Financial Group

Glen has built several rapid growth companies over the last 20 years with roles ranging from founder to advisor. Primary activities have included capital formation, strategy development, financial/project management, acquisitions/rollups/divestitures and value creator for underperforming assets.

Glen has significant experience in the financial industry, covering a multitude of areas and industries, both private and public. These include principal trading, equity and debt raising, mergers and acquisitions and venture capital as a facilitator and principal investor. Industry focus includes life sciences, technology, real estate, energy, infrastructure, financial services, viticulture, agriculture and consumer finance.

Steve Elliott
SVP Business Development Robson Financial Group

Steve is a proven business development executive in Alternative Asset Management with over 15 years of experience dealing with MFDA Dealers, Portfolio Managers, Exempt Market Dealers, IIROC licensed dealers, Institutional Clients as well as Family Offices. In his previous roles at Capita Funds, i9 Capital Consulting and Marquest Asset Management he facilitated over $400M in transactions. Steve is currently working on his Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Designation and has completed the Petroleum Joint Venture Analyst Designation from Mount Royal University. He also holds the Chartered Investment Management Designation from the Canadian Securities Institute and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Athabasca University. 

Jean-Marc Bougie
CEO Hillcore Group

Jean-Marc is Chief Executive Officer of the Hillcore Group. Jean-Marc joined the group in 2010. He oversees operations, team building, asset management and the strategic direction of the company.

Prior to joining the group, Jean-Marc was Managing Director in RBC Capital Markets’ investment banking group where he had coverage responsibility for some of the bank’s largest clients in the Province of Quebec. As part of his 15 year career with RBC Capital Markets, Jean-Marc was involved in numerous financings (debt, equity, IPO) and mergers and acquisition advisory assignments in Canada, Europe, South America and the United States. Also, as part of his tenure with RBC Capital Markets, between 1997 and 2001, Jean-Marc was a Principal with Royal Bank Equity Partners, where he sourced, executed and monitored investments for RBC’s private equity group.

Jean-Marc has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University in Montreal and a Masters in Finance degree from the London Business School in the United Kingdom.

Craig Rademaker
Capital Markets Hillcore Group

Craig is responsible for capital markets activities for Hillcore Group. Craig joined the group in 2013 and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Craig has over 25 years’ experience in the financial industry, covering a multitude of areas and industries, both private and public. These include institutional and retail brokerage, principal trading, equity and debt raising, mergers and acquisitions advice and venture capital as a facilitator and principal investor.

Fred Munn
Director HCM Ventures

Mr. Munn transitioned from a seasoned Professional Retail and Commercial Banker to a Venture Capital,  Business Management and Corporate Governance professional with over 30 years of experience.   His leadership and ability to gauge and assess situations and deploy strategic resolutions have benefitted many companies.  He is a graduate from the Institute of Corporate Directors – Rotmans Directors Education Program offering Directorship and Corporate Governance skills.

Since January 2013, Mr. Munn has been the Canadian Independent Director with Rockspring Capital, a Texas real estate firm.  Mr. Munn acts asguardian/monitor on behalf of investors and enforce strict policies andcontrols with respect to asset management and internal governance.  InApril 2014, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of UniserveCommunications Corp USS-X.InApril 2017, Mr. Munn joined the National Board of Directors for CANASA - TheCanadian Security Associatioblished in 1977, CANASAadvocates, educates and provides leadership to its members across Canada in aself-regulated environment of Canadian security professionals.In January 2019,Mr. Munn was appointed as Director and CEO with Pure Life Global Inc, aprivately owned agricultural-technology business, which empowers multipleindustries with sustainable, disruptive, and environmentally responsibletechnologies and products. Pure Life Carbon Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiaryof Pure Life Global Inc. and was established with the objective of being anindustry-leading producer of premium carbon-based technologies.Finally, Fred,along with his wife, also own Charity Solutions Inc. (2008), an organizationdedicated to assisting charities and non-profit organizations across WesternCanada. ( 

Paul Mancuso
Director Robson Corporate Class

Mr. Mancuso is a practicing lawyer and has been called to the bar of British Columbia Since 1990.

Mr. Mancuso received his formal education in Ontario and British Columbia. He received his bachelor of Arts from University of Toronto in 1985 and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Victoria in 1989. He was called to the bar in 1990, and after working at the downtown law firm Clark Wilson for seven years, left to form his own law firm, Lesperance Mendes Mancuso, with two partners. He continued to practice commercial law/commercial litigation at his firm until 2004 when he took a year-long sabbatical and then returned to his commercial practice on a part time basis as a sole practitioner.

He has been a Director and President of Freedom Technologies (VCC) Inc, a venture capital company, and a director and President of Coreland Capital Inc, a capital pool company.

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